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Build HTML5 Document Apps

Delivers optimized document solutions
based on innovative technology.

Document Filter Technology

Create optimized data for your browser by parsing the OOXML(Office Open XML) directly.

Provides faster, higher quality document viewers by unifying complex document structures by eliminating unnecessary elements that are not necessary for document representation.

Web Rendering Technology

We have technologies to render documents quickly and reliably in the browser.

Complies with web standards, provides fast and reliable viewing through Layer Layout, Virtual DOM, Page Segmentation technology, and Image rendering technology.


Experience the innovative technology of Kukudocs

Cloud Viewer

Cloud Viewer based on SaaS APIs

This is a cloud document viewer that allows you to access various documents, such as MS Office, PDF, and Image, without commercial programs in Desktop and Mobile App.

Web Editor

Solution for web content creation

It is a web editor that develops selection and filtering technology directly from the way of web editor which depends on existing browser functions such as selection and copy and past.

JS Document Viewer

No Server! JS-based Viewer

This is a Javascript library where you can view documents of MS-Office 2007 or above with a web browser without a separate server.